Co-founder & COO
Feb 2018 – present
Shayp is the first cost-efficient water monitoring technology with universal application that vertically integrates insurances and maintenance services to stop households and companies from pouring money down the drain.
Founding partner
May 2017 – present
Over one year, I’ve been working with farmers, land owners and hunters to create an environmental conservation association around the little village close to Brussels of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac in order to increase consciousness about the need of collaboration and work all together to improve bio-diversity. Check here our website:
Founder and Managing partner
Jul 2017 – Dec 2017
App based solution for an online shopping assistant. Helping to find the clothes that match your outfits and styles in online stores.

  • Developed a mobile software and machine learning algorithm for item matching
  • Hired a team of 6 people with different backgrounds for covering skills such as marketing, finance, accounting, design and dev
  • Raising an initial investment round of 50.000 EUR for the launch of the app
  • Designed and implemented a marketing launch strategy for reach the market with the highest return
IESE MBA Candidate class of 2017
Aug 2015 – May 2017
Acquiring main business skills such as accounting, corporate finance, marketing and business analysis, with a specific focus on entrepreneurship, venture capital funds, company valuation, investor term sheets, impact investing. Developing soft skills such as leadership, people management and performing excellence.

The IESE MBA program was created to develop leaders that wants to build solid business skills, a global mindset and has a desire to make a positive impact on society. Its unique curriculum combines a general management perspective, an international focus and a deep understanding of the global business arena, all structured within an ethical framework.


IESE Entrepreneurship Club President
flyer_logo_11762_8716445Developing activities and business opportunities around entrepreneurship for MBA students. I organized network and pitch events every week with our members, developed relationships with companies in Barcelona and abroad, hosted speakers presenting their entrepreneurial journey. Highest point of the year being the Startup-Weekend Barcelona organized in partnership with TechStars.
IESE Meets the Valley trek 2016
logo_imtvOrganizing a business trek to Silicon Valley for around 25 students from IESE to visit companies, meet with entrepreneurs and network with inspiring people to learn about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.
Doing Good Doing Well Conference 2016
dgdw_logoContrbiting to the organisation of DGDW the largest student-run conference of its kind in Europe, focused on Responsible Business. This year with the theme Innovative business models that create meaningful impact
StartupBootcamp Lean Coach
sbciotChallenging startups on their assumptions, designing proper ways to experiment and validate business ideas, Coaching on Lean startup and growth hacking techniques. Focus on Internet of Things and Data
Other projects

  • IESE Entrepreneurs Barcelona trek 2016
  • IESE Entrepreneurs Amsterdam trek 2017
Co-founder and CTO
Jul 2014 – Jul 2015
App based solution for online shopping. Helping finding one’s size through a statistical approach.

  • Released multiple versions using lean-startup iteration methodology (100+ active users)
  • Got selected and participated to Nest’up TechStars incubator program
  • Achieved strategy planning for a marketing campaign based on growth hacking techniques
  • Ran a market study and built a community of almost 400 beta-users
  • Built up a network with entrepreneurs, fashion designers and venture capitalists among (EU and USA)


NEST’Up TechStars accelerator program
Selected and participated to NEST’Up TechStars incubator program of spring 2015.
Technical leader and Software architect
Jan 2013 – Jun 2014
Working on the definition of the Cluepoints Web Portal allowing our customers to manage their business on a SaaS platform. Also developing tools for operational business to integrate customer tools with the work of our collaborators. (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)

  • Planned, designed and built Cluepoints platform, scalable cloud-based and real-time risk monitoring for clinical trials
  • Initiated technical relationship with the US Government FDA for exclusive partnership
  • Improved the product to convince investors for a capital raise of $ 6M
  • Earned Scrip Award 2014: Best technological development in clinical trials
  • Recruited, trained, coached and managed the technical team composed of 5 people


Scrip Award 2014: Best technological development in clinical trials
Won the Scrip Award 2014 for the “Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials” with its Risk-Based Monitoring in the Cloud !
Engineer consultant
2010 – 2014
Working on Java Eclipse EMF platform enhancing the open-source project and providing solutions to clients in function of their needs (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)


Software architect at Huawei
Setting up a generic integrated development environment based on Eclipse technologies and Wazaabi library. This IDE was modular to all the businesses developed internally to optimize processes and reduce development costs (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)
Software architect for Wazaabi
Wazaabi is a framework that allows to describe GUIs through one or more live EMF model. Developed the Framework for a full covering of SWT and Swing UI widgets (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)
2008 – 2010
Working as developer on the Knowledge Management interface of Knowledge Plaza, a web-based platform of knowledge management. Also working on recent new technologies based on the cloud like Microplaza. (Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)
Project Engineer
2008 – present
Main developer of the Open-Source project of PHP and MySQL based Planet framework
Administrator and web-master
2008 – present
Evolved in the Open-Source project of the Planet-Libre which is an on-line linux users network
Master Thesis
2007 – 2008
Performance comparison of routage protocols in MANETs. For a research framework of the IFI (Hanoï) about the communication between Unix-based robots deployed following natural disasters with mobile ad-hocs networks. (Prof. O. Bonaventure, Dr. L. Lanone)
Founder and President
2006 – present
Mountain Wilderness is an international NGO which is working for the protection of wilderness areas. I founded the Belgium branch in january 2006
Belgian Board Member
2006 – present
Mountain Wilderness is an international NGO which is working for the protection of wilderness areas. I founded the Belgium branch in january 2006