App based solution for online shopping. Helping finding one’s size through a statistical approach. Link to website :

  • Released multiple versions using lean-startup iteration methodology (100+ active users)
  • Achieved strategy planning for a marketing campaign based on growth hacking techniques
  • Ran a market study and built a community of almost 400 beta-users
  • Built up a network with entrepreneurs, fashion designers and venture capitalists among (EU and USA)
NEST’Up TechStars accelerator program
Spring 2015
Selected and participated to NEST’Up TechStars incubator program

Cluepoints web platform

Developing Cluepoints web platform, scalable cloud-based and real-time risk monitoring for clinical trials. Link to website :

Scrip Award 2014: Best technological development in clinical trials


Wazaabi_Logo1.4 copy
Wazaabi is a framework that allows to describe GUIs through one or more live EMF model. In addition, wazaabi manages binding between those UI models and business objects. In contrast to the classical approaches where programming dozens of java lines plays a predominant role, wazaabi only requires the construction of one or many EMF models describing the UI: the view models. View models, in wazaabi are live, ie, changes in their status will be instantly reflected in the UI and, symmetrically, user actions will be immediately seen through the view model.
Link to website :

Eclipse Official Commiter


I am the main developer and project manager of this open-source project. Bilboplanet was developed as the first version of the « Planet-Libre ». In 2007 he released his code and I decided with Thomas Bourcey to work on that code to create a easy-to-use Planet CMS from that code. Since then we are working together hand in hand. Some other developers also helped us during the last years for punctual things. This is a really great experience to manage a developer’s community and to make a code become cleaner and more powerfull. As of today, Bilboplanet was downloaded more than 2000 times.
Link to website :


When the creator of Planet-Libre left in 2007 and release the code of the Bilboplanet, I also took the lead of this community of open-source ideology. The popularity of this community is still growing day after day. We are reaching the 250 bloggers and over 20000 published articles over Open-source and Free software.
Link to website :


Microplaza is a web based platform intended to filter all the most relevant stuff of Twitter and show it in a accessible way for an optimal use of the Twitter tool. As you surely know, Twitter contains a lot of trash information and the objective of Microplaza is to focus on the information you’ll be interested in. Based on the principle of the shared links in Twitter, it looks only to the most retweeted links by your followings and that’s the most relevant information for you.
Link to website :

Knowledge Plaza

Working as developer on the Knowledge Management interface of Knowledge Plaza, a web-based platform of knowledge management. Knowledge Plaza is a web application made for optimising team work inside a society or any community by helping the sharing of knowledge : wiki, bookmarks, documents, … and let people discuss on it.
Link to website :

Cap Expé

Founded by Dominique Snyers, Capexpé is a community of people bring together by one passion : the love of authenticity and self-made expedition. The objective of this website is to provide an interface where the community can propose new expeditions, can find motivated persons, can find persons with experience and informations, can hire material, … The philosophy is : « Let your dreams come true ». Today Capexpe thinks an expedition is made of 3 main part : before (finding informations, preparing, building the team), during the expedition with the expedition itself, after (telling the story, showing pics, make other people dream and invite them to go too)
Link to website :

theClimber’s blog

Founded in 2005, this blog came to live at the same time as a lot of blogs on the internet. It was my window to the world. About 350 articles where published and about 2000 comments came initiate a lot of debates. Today it’s still visited by around 200 unique visitor per day.
Link to website :

Mountain Wilderness International

Link to website :

Mountain Wilderness Belgium

Link to website :

Oxygène Spirit

Team-building activities for young and old. (Deadrides, obstacle tracks, team-building games, tree-climbing, …)

Dancing teacher

High level of practice of Rock & Roll and Waltz. Teaching for several groups from 2 couples to 30 couples