Leaving for climbing cliffs in China

It was a long time since my last expedition. I’m already used to Asia. Most of my past experiences were there:
But I never went to China before!
I’m going there with two good old friends,  Nico and Fix. One lives in Malta The other lives in Vancouver. I’m the only who stayed in Belgium for now. (for those who know me,  you also know that this will not last for long)
I’m now in the plane to Hong – Kong where I’ll stay for a day to visit. Then I’ll leave for « real » China taking the plane to guiyang and then the bus to getu where the petzl rock trip of 2011 happened.
I’m looking forward to see theses amazing cliffs and diving in the local caves through underground rivers! (I’m carrying 3 boats in my bag)
For now this is it but stay tuned for the next news 😉 my next sunrise will be in Hong Kong!