How to build leaders?

I acquired leadership skills through my role of lead roped party climber. Aged 18 I already took mountaineering clients under my responsibility. I became a recognized alpinist in Belgium, organizing climbing expeditions in Kirghizstan, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and Bolivia. Nowadays, I belong to a special situations team uniquely qualified to rescue people stuck in inaccessible locations.

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Some thoughts 1 month after Nest’Up accelerator program


I wanted to share you my thoughts after my experience at Nest’Up startup acceleration program last spring. For those who don’t know what it is yet, it’s a Belgian startup incubator part of the TechStars network.

Although I have been working for 7 years in a lot of startup environments as software engineer, I must admit that I never really experienced what is entrepreneurship in itself. I realize that there is a different state of mind between :

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