Does creativity really requires time?

In our society, we speak very often about creativity. Creativity is a main keyword for most of recruiters that are looking for young inspiration and innovation.
Recently I came accros this video trying to demonstrate how creativity can only be obtained with time and fun.

I believe that fun is essential to creativity, but on the other side, I don’t think we especially need to have much time to be creative.
My experience is that most of the time deadline help people to reach a goal. If you have 10 min or 10 hours to reach a goal, you’ll in any case reach it. Therefor it’s not worth spending too much time by focusing on being creative.
Let me illustrate this with a little example. Imagine two musician. One musician is very skilled. He write 2 songs per year and each time he writes a new song it quickly become a hit and is praised by everybody. The other musician is not a good song writer, only 1% of his songs are good songs, but he is able to write a song per day.
In the end, who will be the most creative singer? The one that takes his time to be creative and perfect or the one that writes a lot of songs. In the end, the second musician will be more successful even though most of his work is crap !!
For this reason, I believe that deadline and time pressure is good for creativity because it’s better to try several times than to take too much time waiting for creativity to come. Most of the time you’ll lose in performance somewhere during the process.

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